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Can you imagine a single medicine or tonic that can benefit both men and women? Many of you thinking that it is not possible but it is feasible with the help of Ashwangandharishta. It is an ayurvedic medicine that has a number of health benefits both for men and women. Today, we are going to tell you all the health benefits and uses of Ashwangandharishta for men and women.

ashwagandharishta_asava_Ashwangandharishta is actually a liquid Ayurveda medicine that is used for the treatment of various women and men’s health issues. It is ashwagandha based Ayurvedic liquid preparation used in a variety of ailments and general debility. It is also a health tonic which helps in restoring the strength after a long-standing disease and improve overall health. According to the Ayurveda, Ashwangandharishta is beneficial in all VATA predominance diseases. It also helps to cure depression, mental disorders, dementia etc. Ashwangandharishta for men and women is a good health tonic that can provide a number of health benefits. Let’s see the more health benefits of Ashwangandharishta.

Physical Weakness 

physical weaknessAshwangandharishta provides strength to the body and also very helpful in treating physical weakness. The withanolides present in the Ashwangandharishta are responsible for providing strength to the body. It brings strength in the body and also acts as antioxidant as well as adaptogenic.


Ashwangandharishta is widely prescribed by ayurvedic doctor in fatigue. It gives relief and provides vitality. It also reduces the tiredness and fatigue by increasing the ability of the body to handle the physical as well as mental health.

Adrenal Fatigue 

adrenal fatigueAshwangandharishta helps to support the adrenal gland and improves its functions. Do you know the cause of adrenal fatigue? The too stressful life is the main cause of adrenal fatigue and due to which adrenal gland becomes unable to produce enough amount of cortisol hormone to cope with stress. Ashwangandharishta helps to reduce the physical, mental and emotional stress. Ultimately, it reduces the stress and improves adrenal functions. Additionally, Ashwagandha helps in following symptoms.

  • Feeling difficulty in the morning to get out of the bed.
  • Feeling tired even after waking up in the morning.
  • Trouble to think clearly.
  • Inability to concentrate on tasks and finish the tasks within time limits.


ease-stressAnxiety is really common health issue these days. Some people suffering from anxiety may experience uneasiness, trouble sleeping, cold hands or feet, restlessness and tingling sensation in hands or feet.  Ashwangandharishta can work really great in all these symptoms. According to Ayurveda, all these symptoms occur due to the vata and pitta disorders in the body. Ashwangandharishta works well for vata type anxiety. In pitta type of anxiety, you can take Ashwangandharishta along with muska pisthi, brhami, licorice and praval pisthi.

Men and women’s health 

women health mattersAshwangandharishta is a powerful ayurvedic tonic for men’s health issues. It increases fertility and improves libido. It also helps to increase the sperm count of the men. In women, it helps in providing strength to the body. It also improves uterine health and strengthens uterine muscles. Thus, it prevents miscarriages and improves fertility.

These health benefits of Ashwangandharishta for men and women are due to its medicinal properties and the natural ingredients present in it.  Ashwangandharishta has adaptogen, anti-inflammatory, immuno modulator, anti-anxiety, antioxidant, uterine tonic, antidepressant and digestive stimulant properties that help to cure a number of health issues both in men and women. In addition, the natural herbs present in Ashwangandharishta also help to cure the several health issues.

GinsengAshwangandharishta is prepared of rasna, vidari, mustak, daruharidra, haritaki, nisha, arjuna, sariva, shweta, haritaki, vacha, rakta candana and ashwagandha. These are effective enough to make Ashwangandharishta a perfect cure for men and women’s health problems. You can get a healthy and diseases free body with the help of Ashwangandharishta.


dosage 2The prescribed dosage of Ashwangandharishta is 12-24 ml. once or twice a day, usually advised after food. If needed, you can add an equal amount of water before consumption. A traditional dose is 24 ml. One more thing I want to tell you that there are no side effects of this ayurvedic medicine. So, get a healthy body and cure a number of health ailments both in men and women with the help of Ashwangandharishta.


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