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Cramps have become an integral part of our lives and nearly every people of the world get affected by cramps at least once in their lifetime. Cramp is an issue of old aged person but those who are at their adolescence stage of life can also be affected by the cramps. Cramps is a condition where your muscles get contracted and tightened due to myriad of reasons and these cramps comes on suddenly, can last from a few seconds to several minutes and these cramps can cause several onerous symptoms in your body.Legs Cramps Any part of your body can be the victim of cramps such as your abdomen, calf, feet, hand, neck, thighs, back, shoulder and many other parts of your body depending on which part of the body has been affected. Sometimes you may have fallen asleep and then suddenly you may have experienced a sudden acute pain and tightening of muscles that have forced you to open your eyes. If you are an athlete then you might have been running every now and then and if so then you might have surely experienced sudden pain and tightening of muscles in some part of your legs and peculiarly in your calf and you might have been forced to stop running. Cramps in muscles should also be blamed for this condition. Usually those who are physically active and vigorously do physical work get affected by this condition most often such as a gymmer. If you go to gym and perform vigorous exercises then you may have surely experienced cramps in your arms, legs, shoulder or back.There could be myriad of reasons that can cause cramps in your body and either those causes are self made or naturally generated. Today we are going to talk about those causes that are responsible for cramps in the body.

Reasons that cause cramps

Vigorous Exercise:

Vigorous ExerciseVigorous Exercise is one of the most common reasons of cramps in the body. Contraction of the muscles is being stimulated by the exercises that you perform in the gym or somewhere else. You may not feel tightening of muscles and contraction during the exercise period but when you go to bed then you may feel the pain and contraction of the muscles that could be very onerous.


HydrationDehydration is being related to contraction of muscles. Your body requires water to function as it should and if you lack of water your body may start behaving weird. As the muscles are the part of your body it will also not support you and behave abnormally resulting in contraction and tightening of muscles. Therefore you should not wait for the body’s indications instead you should drink water throughout the day for better functionality of your body.

Imbalanced Blood Supply:

Imbalanced Blood SupplySometimes you are being forced to stick to one place for hours and you don’t be able to move your legs resulting in the blockage of your blood vessels. You may also feel numbness of in the feet. Resulting in blockage of blood vessels your body doesn’t be able to supply blood across your legs. This could be the other reason of cramps in your body.

There are some more causes that cause cramps in the body and some of them may include pregnancy, standing for longer period of time, if you are allergic to some kind of medications or foods and other reason as well.

Pickle Juice for Cramps- Treatment of cramps in muscles

When it comes to treatment of cramps in muscles there are myriad of treatment options available and the best option is that whenever you have cramps your should hardly stretch that affected muscle that will surely relive you from pain but today we are going to talk about another panacea remedy that will surely help you get rid of muscles cramps in no time. Pickle juice for cramps is something that could miraculously help improve your muscles cramps in no time.Treatment of cramps in muscles Yes I know it may sound strange, using pickle juice is something that no one thinks about but believe me consuming pickle juice may help you improve your optimal health and it will be good for the muscle cramps as well. Pickle juice is blessed with many high levels of nutrients, electrolytes and antioxidants that could be good for your health. According to study of 2013- those who drank pickle juice instead of water are being seen 49 percent less cramp time duration instead of those who drank water. Calcium chloride and vinegar present in pickle juice helps sodium and potassium readily absorbed by the body, hence this could be considered better drinks than sports drink. If you are an athlete then you should have pickle juice instead of sports drink as it will benefit you more than the sports drink. According to Richard Williams, then the Athletic Training Program Director at the University of Northern Iowa- “media reports of professional athletes using pickle juice or mustard to prevent and treat exercise- associated muscle cramps, We have been using pickle juice to prevent and treat muscle cramps at the University of Northern Iowa for the past three years”.

How Pickle Juice for Cramps Works?

Pickle juice for cramps works like panacea and can help heal cramps of your body without any side effects.Treatment of cramps in muscles1 If you drink pickle juice then the recovery from muscle cramps will be 36 percent faster than plain water and 45 percent faster than consuming no liquids at all. Pickle juice is truly a good player in treating any muscle related problems and some researchers have suggested that as you put pickle juice in your mouth it triggers a reflex in the mouth and sends signals to the nerves to stop muscles cramping. Pickle juice for cramps should not be ignored and if you are prone to cramps then pickle juice for cramps should be your first priority as it will not only help you relieve your cramps but will also help prevent cramps in your body. If you adopt pickle juice for cramps then it can guarantee that you will no longer be prone to muscle cramps and you don’ have to feel that pain for longer as pickle juice is in your life.


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