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Rasraj Ras is a very effective and useful herbo – mineral Ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is indicated in the treatment of a lot of diseases. Rasraj Ras is very useful in the treatment of Vata related diseases, especially paralysis, joint pain, facial nerve palsy, rheumatic pain, and many other diseases. It is also used for treating the heart and brain related problems. Not only this, Rasraj Ras is also very useful for improving the reproductive health for men and women both. Read this article till the end to know about the benefits and uses of Rasraj Ras. We will also discuss the dosage part of the Rasraj Ras at the end of this article. Let’s me tell you the benefits and uses of Rasraj Ras first and then we will move forward towards the dosage parts of this medicine.

Rasraj ras is a very useful Ayurvedic medicine prepared by several Ayurvedic herbs. Some of them are ras sindoor, abrakh bhasma, swarn bhasma, moti pisthi, praval bhasam, loh bhasma, raupya bhasma, vang bhasma, ashwagandha, lavang, kakoli, javitri, etc. All of these herbs have been proven to be very beneficial for our body. Rasraj Ras has so many amazing properties that make it a very useful and effective medicine foe several diseases. It helps in increasing the blood flow in every part of the body and also nourishes the nerves. In this way, this medicine is very useful in the treatment of nerves related problems like paralysis, ardit or facial nerve palsy, etc. Rasraj is also very effective for treating joint pain, aptantrak, tinnitus or ringing in ears, dizziness, etc.

This is not the end of its benefits and uses. Rasraj Ras is also very useful for the treatment of heart and brain related problems as well as reproductive health related problems. It helps in decreasing the high blood pressure as it reduces the cholesterol deposited in the arteries. This medicine helps in improving the health of reproductive organs. It regulates the proper quantity of hormones in the body and maintains a regular menstruation cycle. It is very beneficial for males also as it helps in treating semen related problems as well as improves sperm quality. Now, it’s time to talk about the dosages part of Rasraj Ras.

Dosages of Rasraj Ras

dose of kasturi bhairav ras

You can take 1 tablet twice in a day with honey and lukewarm cow milk or as directed by the Ayurvedic doctor. Overdose of this medicine may cause poisonous effects as it contains heavy metal ingredients. it should be avoided in pregnancy and lactating period.

Now you may be thinking that why should I choose Ayurveda as a treatment method? It’s not new. Generally, we preferred allopathic or other conventional medicines for treating our health problems and we don’t even think about the Ayurvedic treatment option. This is because we don’t have patience. We need only instant result and that is what, the Allopathic and other conventional medicines give us. But, have you ever thought, why Ayurveda is that much slower and why other treatment methods are so fast? Second thing, if other treatment methods are that much effective that they can treat our diseases in a very less period of time, why we get ill again and again? This is because the conventional medicines only treat the symptoms of the diseases; they don’t treat the main cause. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicines treat the main cause of the diseases and make our body naturally healthy and diseases free. So, what are you waiting for friends, choose Ayurveda as your treatment option and get a healthy and fit body.

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