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Despite of so many treatments there is no cure for herpes but I have a treatment option by which you can get rid of the revolting disease “oral herpes”. This is the most annoying disease ever in which you can get ugly sores in and around your mouth. There are so many people who are suffering from cold sores and if you too suffering from this, reading this article is worthy for you.

What Do You Know About Oral Herpes?

Oral herpes is a disease which is caused by herpes simplex virus this is the same virus which causes genital and ocular herpes. These diseases are caused by different-different viruses which belong to the same virus family. herpesAfter reading last two line if you are thinking that I am going to tell you the same definition of this disease, you are wrong. By this article you will not only get uncanny facts about this disease but also the perfect cure for oral herpes’s symptoms.
As you all know that this is highly contagious disease and you can get this if you share personal contact with the infected person. This virus gets into your body if you share razors, used towel, share same utensil while eating and kissing. This is the disease which is responsible for causing eye herpes and brain infection. According to studies this is most dangerous disease than other.
This is most common disease and according to studies people most commonly get oral herpes then genital. In this disease you can get filled-fluid blisters which resemble like fever blisters. Oral herpes is also called cold sores. This is very annoying because the sores you can get on your face can make you look ugly. These blisters are very itchy and sometimes painful. It is said that there are so many people who don’t know that they are carrying this virus do you know the reason? Herpes InfectionThe reason is they have very mild symptoms that go unrecognized very easily.
It’s in the studies that to pass this virus to others it is not necessary to have visible sores. If you don’t have active virus you can still pass this to others. To stop the speeding this virus to others there are so many treatments but they do nothing on herpes. Don’t get me wrong, I am saying this because this is true. The medicines which are available to cure herpes can’t do anything. This is the main reason that people are moving on other option which is natural treatment.
Natural treatment is the ultimate cure for herpes symptoms. Despite of so many remedies there is oil which can cure this disease’s symptoms very effectively and the name of that oil is tea tree oil. As you all know that tea tree oil is very beneficial oil. Tea tree oil is comes from the leaves of tea tree and this is the best cure for fever blisters.

The Best Cure for Fever Blisters: Tea Tree Oil Essential Oil For Herpes

It is one of the best essential oil for herpes. Tea tree oil has anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties which make this oil very effective to cure this kind of infections. this oil is not only effective in treating oral herpes in fact this is helpful in healing cuts, acne, burnt skin, skin spots and infections also. There are so many studies which prove that tea tree oil has some properties which treat cold sores very efficiently than any medicine. Tea tree oil
The people who used this oil said only good thing about this oil. Tea tree will not give fast results but it surely accelerates the natural healing process. It is said that by using this oil you can prevent the future outbreaks. This is the best aid which kill the bacteria and stop the spreading this virus to other parts of the body. By this oil you can also cure genital herpes. Using this oil with correct instructions is main thing if you want positive results. How you can use tea tree oil for cold sores, see below.

How to Use Tea Tree Essential Oil For Herpes?

Apply this oil on the affected area of the skin and keep applying this oil until you see improvement. Try to apply this oil right before your bedtime. Apply this oil many times in a day. Keep your lips wet by applying lip balm during the treatment because this oil can dry the healthy portion of mouth as well.
Doing this can lessen the symptoms, pain and itching. This is the best way to protect your skin from damaging and curing the symptoms of cold sores. You all know the truth that the diseases which are caused by the herpes simplex virus are eternal but by using tea tree oil or other natural oil you can get rid of their annoying outbreaks. I think that this is the best oil for cold sores what do you think? Visit http://www.herpescure9.com/natural-herpes-cure/tea-tree-oil-benefits-herpes-can-tea-tree-oil-help-cure-herpes/ to gather knowledge about tea tree oil and herpes.

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